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For Developers

Resorts peak our imagination, put us at ease, and surround us with the feeling of comfort and relaxation when they are properly designed. As a developer you are often tasked with making decisions on multi-million dollar projects, often rely solely upon a line drawing or vaguely accurate render. At Pixate Creative, we help people like you fully envision what your resort is going to look like well before you break ground on the project. Our renderings carefully reflect intricate details of various areas of the resort, meaning that you can pin point potential issues and have them changed without spending a lot of money on mid-build modifications. Our photo-realistic resort renderings will save you time and money.

Want to sell spaces before the exist? Want to have a tool to make EB-5 funding easier? You need to setup a time to speak with us, we can help!

For Architects

As an architect, you place tremendous time and effort into laying out the perfect resort. The problem is, many people can now clearly visualize the project as you can, our photo-realistic resort renderings solve that problem by allowing people to view the most intricate of details clearly. When you are bidding on large projects, even the smallest details could result in winning the job for your firm. Let our rendering team help you display your resort design accurately and effectively.

Interior Design Rendering of modern bedroom with furniture and accent details
Computerized concept image of hotel gym with equipment
Computerized concept image of hotel pool with seating and lounging areas

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