Below is a list of our FAQ’s concerning our 3D Rendering & Visualization Software Services.

Yes we do, but most of our workflow is done in non-Autodesk applications. Autodesk makes great programs, but we have found more efficient methods through other applications. 99% of our clients are looking for quality images and most don’t care how it gets done. This question is still important because the primary reason for the question is; most people would like to know if we can open the files they are sending without any hassle. We can open a majority of different files without any problem. We have been doing this since 2007 and we have yet to run into an Autodesk file we couldn’t open.

Yes we can. It saves us time if you could save the file as an FBX. FBX files are Autodesk’s file format for moving a project from 1 Autodesk program to another.This saves us significant time and is a simple option in Revit.

Yes we can! We recommend you save the file to a 2010 dwg file to help speed up the process.

Yes, we have a license in SketchUp. Some of our clients like us to take their CAD files and turn them into SketchUp files. One of our lead artists originally studied to be an Architect so we have the knowledge necessary. If you have AutoCAD files on hand and don’t want to worry about the 3D process, let us handle it in SketchUp.

This can change from project to project. We really love to render in unbias render engines as they calculate light correctly. These engines provide a mathematical calculation for the way light behaves. Unbias renders follow this calculation to a tee. The downside of these applications is the generally take lots of CPU and/or GPU power/time to calculate. They require multiple CPUs or graphics cards in a single computer to calculate in a reasonable time. The larger the render, the longer the process takes to calculate. We use both unbias and bias render engines. Most people can’t tell the difference. This question is normally better explained over the phone. Give us a call @ 603.899.7495 and we would be glad to explain this in more detail.

This varies from project to project as well, and also varies depending on the look you are hoping to attain. Think of it this way. The more “realistic” the render is, the longer the render will take. This is especially true in interior renders. Interior scenes generally have lots of light sources and lots of light bouncing. A general rule of thumb, interior scenes take a lot longer than exterior scenes to render.

This isn’t something we normally do, but we don’t have a problem with it. We have done this for some clients in the past. This is done on a case by case basis. If you would like or need the source files, let us know BEFORE we start the project. In most cases we will need to adjust the project price.

This depends on the project. Some projects it is a lot, and some projects we barely touch Photoshop. Photoshop is always a great tool to help with post process details, like color correction, balance and contrast. Photographers use Photoshop extensively, we use it on every project just as much as they would.

Yes, we can, kind of. We still create the images in 3D, but we apply a watercolor effect via Photoshop. We think they come out really nice. Here is an example of what we can create in 3D, but make it look watercolor. We also have several watercolor artists we work with from time to time. We recommend you find an example of the style you are looking for and we will figure out a way to match your style preferences.

This is a great question. We get it as a question with almost every new client. We have structured our licensing policy to be as easy as we can. PiXate Creative owns the render, but the image is licensed to the client upon payment in full. The client may use the image however he or she sees fit. There are no additional costs to change the image. We only ask you credit us if the image is published somewhere outside of your website or future marketing materials. This has never been an issue, but we don’t allow our images to be sold to stock photography sites, like shutterstock or istockphoto.

Yes they can. It is important to let us know prior to starting the project. We need to model the file differently. It is slightly more time consuming, up front, but will save a lot of time in the future. We can also go back into the model after the fact, but this would need to be addresses as a separate project.

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