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Interior Renderings

Clearly sharing your design vision with clients can be difficult, especially with interior spaces because of the numerous variables that could influence the look and feel. PiXate Creative specializes in helping architects make sure that their clients are able clearly visualize your designs. Our interior renderings provide a photo-realistic view of the interior space that is so detailed it will allow the client to identify and fix potential issues before the construction begins.

When working with companies, non-profits, and institutions, there is generally a board or team of shareholders that need to be able to clearly visualize, even “feel” what the new space could look like. Our interior renderings make that process much easier for you as the architect trying to share your vision.

Here is what a recent client had to say about our work:

“(the architects name) did some nice images but there were simply not sufficient for the message we were trying to get across. We wanted folks to be able to “feel” the space as if they were walking into it….you provided that with a very high level of detail. You rendering as you stated, really made us review the rear entrance lobby….we had looked at drawings, picked finishes, but your rendering brought it all together and was worth every penny in the subsequent modifications of that space.

I felt you did a fantastic job. You were easy to communicate with, I never felt like I wasn’t being heard and I truly enjoyed working with you.

I suspect we will be doing additional renderings as we move into phase 2 renovations and you will be the one I call. The renderings were worth every penny, we are integrating them into our marketing campaign, going well beyond putting them on an easel”

Interior Design Rendering of modern bedroom with furniture and accent details
Computer Generated Interior Home image with furniture details
Interior Design Concept of living room with fireplace and furniture details

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