Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s hard to see the forest through the trees?” This saying pertains to 3D rendering as well as our company, PiXate Creative but for a different reason. Architectural rendering as a complete process is indeed time consuming and requires strict attention to detail.

The reason architectural rendering takes such good chunk of time is there is a number of drafts and details we go through to deliver a final product that will undoubtedly satisfy the customer. If we were to create the first draft and then send it off to the client, it would more than likely end up requiring a number of changes or a complete re-work.

A lot of clients have a design in their head, but have a hard to expressing what they are looking for. Our job is to work with them to get their vision on paper and make the image shine. In most cases there is some back and forth between us and the client. Not to worry though, PiXate Creative promises to take on the majority of the “heavy lifting” and get you the results you are looking for.

For this reason, we start off massing the space and adding details to the image as the image progresses. We find this to be a much more effective approach as we are able to pick up on details we would normally miss and refine the image according to the look and feel.

Since     2007, we have built an extensive library of 3D models that we have continually refined and edited. By having such an extensive library of renders at our disposal, a majority of our detailing work is usually added by simply dragging and dropping different aspects of the 3D render.  The enables us to focus on creating high quality images at a much faster rate.

We also offer options for clients who prefer a more “hands off” approach throughout the entire 3d rendering process. We provide a finished image that is handled completely internally, making the work for the client as minimal as possible.